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 Tylers gm app

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Should Tyler be a GM?
Yes. Please explain why.
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 67% [ 2 ]
No. Please explain why.
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Neutral. Please explain why.
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Total Votes : 3

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PostSubject: Tylers gm app   Tylers gm app Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 7:04 am

(Gorgeous added the questions)

Name :

In-Game Name :

Age :

Country currently residing in and Timezone :
Alaska, Alaska Time Zone = 1 Hour being PST.

Describe yourself, Briefly :
Hey guys, first off my name is Tyler and I'm fourteen years old.
I am kinda crazy so don't think I am all boring because of this application. Wink
I am always on unless i have hockey, or i have homework. So about 3 hours a day or more im active.
My English is great i dont like when people say 'plz' or that kind of stuff
I enjoy to help people out
I also like to be funny/random but i know when to be serious
And last i am very trustworthy you can trust me with anything.

Give 5 positive things about you :
1] I take my job as a GM seriously and I always carry out my GM duties as a professional.
2] I do not ban for grudges or if somebody pisses me off; I only ban if somebody deliberately breaks the rules. I don't let emotion affect my decisions.
3] I am very experienced in tech support and I'm able to fix almost any problem a player is having, assuming they have the intelligence to follow directions.
4] I've never been not able to help somebody fix their problem.
5]I am very experienced in hacking so I know what all the hackers are doing to try to gain an unfair advantage in this game. I know the name of every hack and I can instantly recognize any of them.
I know what hackers do to try and avoid the GMs, I know what hacks they use, and I know where they go. Chances are I'm a more experienced hacker than any given hacker that tries to hack on a server I'm playing.

How active are you :
Unknown (Because Gorgeous added all the questions I love you)

Will you abuse your powers as a GM :
I wont.

Do you have any maplestory experience? if yes, please provide private server's experience too :
I have been playing MapleStory for over three years and I play under the IGN Tyler.

Do you have any game master experience? if yes please provide the server being a gm in, and the level of the gm :
I have been a GM on two servers DorkyGMS and HilroyMS I was a gm for about 4 months on both of those till they sadly got shut down from nexon. D:
I have been a GM on a few different servers and I have hosted my own server for a short while. I have all of the GM commands memorized and I know how to use each and every one of them.
I'm not going to even go into my skills at banning hackers. People always put that and act like it's amazing that they can ban lots of them. It's nothing special to me, really, it's simple and most of the time hackers don't get by me.
I'm pretty good at hosting events and I don't do retarded ones like randomly spawning bosses in the FM. I actually make a game out of events and make it fun for everybody.
I'm very fair when it comes to punishment and I will usually hear anyone out when giving out consequences. I don't abuse my GM powers like so many people do. I see so many people banning players left and right just because they smega saying that they don't like one of the GMs. I'm not like that at all.
I can follow instructions very easily and I don't need to be told twice what the rules are.

How would you rate your English in a scale from 1 to 10 :
I would rate my English 9.

And no, I don't act all boring like I am right now when I'm typing this. In fact I'm a pretty crazy guy haha. Razz

Anyways, to continue...
Now that that's over with, here's what I'm looking for in a server:

- Must have at least 5 players on at any given time

- Must be 24/7

- Dedicated preferred but not required

- Must not use Hamachi

- Must be fairly up to date

I like servers that have a fairly large community but if they dont thats okay too.

I am always on unless i have hockey, or i have homework. So about 3 hours a day or more im active.

Alright, so that's my gm app Very Happy thanks for reading good luck everyone!

Contacting ways :
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PostSubject: Re: Tylers gm app   Tylers gm app Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 11:22 am

- Must have at least 5 players on at any given time I can't promise you that, Our server is truely fresh, and so only maybe some 5 players will be online at a time, Yet since we have no hamachi, It can go larger.

- Must be 24/7 We are 24/7 unless iDev's mother turns off his PC while he is asleep.

- Dedicated preferred but not required We are not dedicated, Yet non-hamachi.

- Must not use Hamachi We use hamachi to talk only. (Me and iDev use it to discuss about some important stuff bout the server)

- Must be fairly up to date We are up to date in out stuff.

I've read your application, It's quite a character but It is not in the gm format. IT MUST BE IN THE FORMAT. Luckily I changed it to the format and added a poll.

Pending . . . .

Me and iDev will discuss about your application - You got a chance!


We came to a decision. Kaylen (iDev) and I have thought and...

You are approved.

Best Regards,

RadioMS Owner
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Tylers gm app
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