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 Prisms gm apply

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PostSubject: Prisms gm apply   Prisms gm apply Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 10:15 pm

Name : Jordan Tao

In-Game Name : Prism

Age : 14

Country currently residing in and Timezone : Canada, British Columbia, Langley

Describe Yourself, Briefly : Well im a 14 year old boy who is obsessed with video games but what kid my age isnt, im in Grade 9 and go to LFAS. Im a moderatly social person in real life and in video games like xbox live.

Give 5 positive things about you : Im a helpful person, Im am nice, Im a calm boy when not angered,I impulsive when it comes to certain things, and I can find hackers since i know how to see hackers.

How active are you : Im active mostly on weekends ans I try to be on as much as I can on weekdays. The hours i could be on for are about 2 to 3 hours

Will you abuse your powers as a GM : No I will not but thegame did abuse his powers on me by banning me because i told him i waas a boy in real life when my maple char was a girl

Do you have any maplestory experience? if yes, please provide private server's experience too : Ive played nightsoul ms,scarface ms,keyblade,fnake ms

Do you have any game master experience? if yes please provide the server being a gm in, and the level of the gm :I was a gm on Keyblade Ms before the shut down and i was a lv 4 gm

How would you rate your English in a scale of 1 to 10 : 8

Contacting ways : You can contacted me on hotmail( or on facebook (Jordan Tao)
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PostSubject: Re: Prisms gm apply   Prisms gm apply Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 10:22 pm

You are denied

We got a source that you have been banned. We do not accept people that got banned, In present or in past.

Best Regards,

RadioMS Owner
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Prisms gm apply
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