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 Wing's Gm App

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PostSubject: Wing's Gm App   Wing's Gm App Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 2:01 am

Name : Daniel

In-Game Name : Wing

Age : 13

Country currently residing in and Timezone : Canada, UTC/GMT -5 hours

Describe Yourself, Briefly : Well my name is Daniel and l am 13 years old l was born in Canada and was gm in 5 servers. l am trustworthy helpfull and nice. l also played maplestory since v.06 which is like 4 to 5 years ago

Give 5 positive things about you :
4:l am active
5:l can find hackers easily

How active are you :On Weekdays it is 4~7hours Weekends is 1~10hours .

Will you abuse your powers as a GM : No l will not abouse my powers because l would never risk my Job.

Do you have any maplestory experience? if yes, please provide private server's experience too : Yes l played over 100 l forgot some but ill name the ones l remember 1: Rydah 2: Bankai 3:Destiny 4:Nightsoul

Do you have any game master experience? if yes please provide the server being a gm in, and the level of the gm : Yes well online in a few 1:DragonballMs 2:Betchms

How would you rate your English in a scale of 1 to 10 :8ish 9 ish

Contacting ways : Msn lolz

Well Thanks for reading my Application Hope l get picked ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Wing's Gm App   Wing's Gm App Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 8:54 am

We will see..

Pending-A . . . .

Best Regards,

RadioMS Owner
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Wing's Gm App
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