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 Caio's GM app!

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PostSubject: Caio's GM app!   Caio's GM app! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 1:17 am

Name : Caio Ribeiro

In-Game Name : Caio

Age : I'm 13 years old

Country currently residing in and Timezone : Brasil, (GMT - 3:00)

Describe Yourself, Briefly : I'm from brasil, i study during the morning, up to 12:30 (and 1:15 at thursdays), They call me uncle bob at my school... xD!. I'd say that im a friendly person, and that im kinda funny, at times =P.

Give 5 positive things about you :Im friendly, active, have experience, I'm funny, and i'm helpful =D

How active are you : I can be active up to 8 HOURS a day (addiction?... maybe...)

Will you abuse your powers as a GM : not crazy enough to do that =P

Do you have any maplestory experience? if yes, please provide private server's experience too : Yes, I've played maple for 3 years. I started off playing gms. Ips got blocked, then i moved to BMS. There, i got pissed off at the bad community, and quited. Then i moved to private servers. I've been playin private servers for an year now =P. I've even hosted 2 servers myself. But my com seemed to crash often, so i sent it to a friend.

Do you have any game master experience? if yes please provide the server being a gm in, and the level of the gm : I've been gm in like 9 servers, co-owner of 3, and owner of one =]
Named: *CENSORED* (lvl 4), *CENSORED* (Co-owner, lvl 5) , *CENSORED* (owner) , *CENSORED* (Lvl 4), *CESNORED* (lvl 4), *CESNORED* (co-owner, lvl 5), *CESNORED* (co-owner, lvl 5), *CESNORED* (lvl 4).
I can't remember any other names =/.

How would you rate your English in a scale of 1 to 10 : I'd give it a 8 (i've studied on an english school since i was two years old! =D)

Contacting ways :
Email / msn:
Skype: Caio....-_-

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PostSubject: Re: Caio's GM app!   Caio's GM app! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 3:04 pm

I'd say your English is a 6-7 because,

You would say Brasil and not brasil and you would make a Capital I before using it in a word..

And why you advertised *CESNORED* in this forum?

You could just end with "I hosted 2 servers."..

For my opinnion:

Pending F.

I'm sorry if you think that I'm harsh but I say exactly what I think.

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PostSubject: Re: Caio's GM app!   Caio's GM app! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 6:50 pm

I take him as pending normal,

Even if he advertised, I'll censor it.

He seems to have a 7 English which is good enough and he looks like an experienced man to me.

Best Regards,

RadioMS Owner
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PostSubject: Re: Caio's GM app!   Caio's GM app! Icon_minitime

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Caio's GM app!
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